What can Public Nouns DAO do?

Fund Grants to support Public Goods

All ETH from auctions goes straight to Public Nouns DAO. Funding proposals should align with the manifesto and fund:

  • public goods funding mechanisms

  • communities building public goods or funding mechanisms

  • public goods directly

  • public goods advocacy initiatives

  • some internal Public Nouns needs (services, contributors, etc)

Curation of new art/Public Good Communities

Curate new art by adding new Public Good Communities to contract

  • mission aligning in with our manifesto

  • 3 head attributes per public good

  • a delegate to pNounders

Self-organize around collaborative initiatives to support public goods

What can a Public Noun holder do?

Vote on active proposals. 1 Public Noun equals 1 vote in Public Nouns DAO

Submit proposals to Public Nouns DAO to:

  • Propose a Grant of funds or pNouns from the Public Nouns DAO treasury to an initiative that supports public goods. See Propose a Grant for more details.

  • Propose a new Public Goods Community to get added to the Public Nouns contract, becoming available for minting in the next auction if approved. The PGC also receives membership in pNounders DAO through which they can send a delegate. See Propose a new Public Good Community for more details.

  • Propose updates to the Public Nouns DAO contracts, governance, and metagovernance. See full governance surface of Public Nouns DAO

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