Propose a new Public Good Community

Propose a new Public Good Community (PGC)

New art added to the contract will become available for minting forever, so curation is important.

Requirements per PGC:

  • Mission to align with manifesto

  • 3 Heads to introduce as new attributes

New communities don't have to solely be operating in public goods but should be able to provide a proof of significant public goods support (creation, funding, and/or advocacy) that aligns with our manifesto, as well as having strong memes/art that will enhance propagation of the Public Nouns meme/mission itself.

To help us split our attention between Grants and Curation, we should bring in new communities seasonally in cohorts. This isn't a hard requirement, and there could be emergent exceptions.

PGC Community Proposal Requirements:


PGC Name

PGC Mission

PGC Proof of Public Goods support

3 Head Variants (.png) per PGC

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